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Architectural Design & Planning

Ivybridge /Urban Design

  • Design and accesss statement drawing of Ivybridge
  • elevation drawings of Ivybridge
  • Drawing at Ivybridge
  • Ivybridge drawings
  • Plan view at Ivybridge
  • Plan view type 2 at Ivybridge

Project Overview

After securing several design sensitive schemes within the South Hams, BDW Exeter commissioned Rushbrooke to deliver a planning application within the Ivybridge I1 allocation – east of Ivybridge. Whilst our instruction was confined to an element of the allocation controlled by the Client we had to demonstrate that our proposals were not detrimental to the allocation as a whole and that meant running a detailed master plan alongside the application that identified areas for housing, employment, neighbourhood centre and park & ride extension.

The detailed application itself sought to promote sympathetic design that progressed the existing vernacular around the edge of Ivybridge but also respected the site’s constraints that included Dartmoor National Park, A38, PRoW, Devon hedge banks and sloping gradients. Material finishes were dealt with by dividing the site into 3 individual character areas that promoted a specific set of architectural styles and palettes. Aside from the architectural design we were also tasked with community consultation hosting stakeholder and residents’ exhibitions, 1 to 1 meetings, newsletters and formalising feedback in the SCI document.