Rushbrooke UK

Architectural Design & Planning

Ermington /Urban Design

  • Plan view of Ermington
  • Plan view of house type
  • Rendered street view of housing site
  • Front elevation of house type rendered

Project Overview

This sloping site located within a sleepy Devonshire village on the banks of the River Erme was always going to prove tricky considering design, topography and flood risk. Our involvement commenced with detailed appraisal/feasibility layouts that tried to create a development with maximum character whilst reducing the amount of plot underbuild and retaining walls on a sloping site. Architecturally we gave visual separation between the high and low order dwellings and used natural materials with subtle render finishes to sympathetically link old with new in an area where the rural context is key. We didn’t want to ruin this with a highly visually engineered road so an organic road pattern was used where the carriageway width wonders around the site bordered by soft landscaping and cobbles.